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The People Who Made the Trip a Success

Oscar Saa is a manager at Cerro Tololo whose assistance to me has been instrumental in making the trip possible. It was he who introduced us to the site at La Frontera. Upon arrival at the inn, we were greeted by Cecilia the innkeeper and chef, who prepared delicious 3-course meals in our quarters. We later met Blanca, a local girl who also helps out. Just before we departed, Max Didier (Maco) and Patrice Bouchet invited us to a lovely Sunday brunch of grilled meats and fish. Maco is the owner of La Frontera. Patrice is an astronomer at Cerro Tololo who has been serving in an advisory role to make La Frontera an astronomy inn. He can be contacted at pbouchet@ctio.noao.edu for information, booking, and special requirements.
Oscar, Minelli, Cecilia, Blanca, Alexis & Fernando Patrice & Maco
Loke chatting with Patrice & Antoine over brunch Fish is served by Maco & Cecilia
Other cabin kitchen Other cabin living room

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